Pier Sicilia in its collections creates a new look that’s sophisticated, seductive and dynamic in equal measure. A deep dive into the past, revived and reimagined to design a contemporary collection that lives and breathes this island's values and atmosphere. This is the story behind a new Sicilian lifestyle: one that refuses to compromise on quality, and nurtures a desire to experience a modern take on an age when time didn't constrict us, but left space for the artisanal care to detail that is the hallmark of this brand, and an example of the most authentic Italian craftsmanship.


Our brand is locally-based, ethical, sustainable, and proudly Made in Italy. Sicilian craftsmanship is our core value and the tailors that work with us our main force. They craft each piece with deep care, from refined fabrics and elevated details, the result must be impeccable. From cutting the cloth to the finished product, every step of the process takes place in the small tailoring workshops on the island. They are among the few left in Italy that can guarantee the expertise and old-school care to detail that makes every Pier Sicilia piece special.


Not just any swimwear, but swimming trunks made by local artisans, carefully choosing every detail, from the cut to the colour, the fabrics to the stitching, and even the buttons. Time isn’t an issue, in Sicily it melted away before the enchantment of the finished item. This is swimwear for a resolutely stylish man who picks garments with innovative, flattering proportions, without compromising on a refined, dreamy kind of elegance. The tangible embodiment of his specific concept of style. Refined, cheerful, ironic.


Our bespoke service is the ultimate example of the Pier Sicilia tailor-made approach, guided by creativity. This allows to choose the fabric and colour of your perfect garment, the material for the buttons, as well as colours, lengths and proportions, to create one-off pieces made only for you.